Business audits just got better with GoGetQuality!

Ensuring business service excellence, we offer a complete smart inspection process that is so easy, it can be used by your auditing team on the go. Deliver the best services to your customers and delight them by providing flawless quality. GoGetQuality turns your smartphone into an inspection tool.


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Audit List

Get all past and newly added audits in one place. View all open issues left by past auditors.

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Software Integration

GoGetQuality is seamlessly integrated with third party solutions.
Ask us about how GoGetQuality can integrate with other systems your business utilizes for success.

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Location Included

GoGetQuality's map view helps you identify the exact audit location and provides map routing capabilities eliminating time between audits.

Here is why we stand out!


Quickly Access & Notify Customers in You Route:

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Once you log into GoGetQuality, simply import your schedule for the upcoming month and the system will send appointment notifications to the customer's inbox prior to arriving. You can also see a list of customers in your route using the mobile app to send in-route text notifications.


Gather Additional Job Details:

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Tap on a particular customer to check their details. You will find their contact details, location, directions on map, as well as notes by admin. Here you can capture before and after service pictures and record personalized voice note for customer. You can also initiate the customer feedback process from here.

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Feedback Request to Customer:

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System automatically sends feedback request email to the customer with your personalized message and any additional information you have captured for the service. The customer can choose to provide feedback using your personalized survey template. If the customer is fully satisfied they will have the option to share the experience on social media and if they are not satisfied an email will immediately go to a supervisor for action.


Instant Trending Reports:

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Trending reports can be used for employee reviews, incentive plans, training, and overall company direction in the click of a button.

Our app is powered by a robust web interface to deliver excellent service.

Vicki J. Pine, Executive Director of Administrative Services

customer satisfaction assessment tool san antonio
As a major lawn and landscape company, for several years we have struggled with creating an effective process to gather feedback from our customers after completing services. We tried a web based process where the customer had to sign into a website to complete a few questions that I then had to pull and manually enter into our software. Then we tried the list creation daily to send out an internet based survey to customers (over 1000 per day) but again....
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